Scientific Scientific
Bio Energy Card Benefits:
1- Improve Your Blood Circulation.
2- Care for your heart and enjoy greater peace 
of mind.
3- Rapid Relief of Pain,Body discomfort & achieve 
better health.
4- Achieve a Balance state of Well Being for 
Better Health.
5- Maintain food freshness stored in the refrigerator.
Anti Radiation Mobile Chip Benefits:
1- use anti radiation mobile chip & save
your life from electro magnetic radiation
2- Electro magnetic radiation is linked
to memory loss, cancer, high blood pressure,
brain tumor, heart attack, diabetes,
infertility & several other fatal diseases.
3- Protect your ears, brain & body against
the harmful effects of mobile phone radiation
and electro pollution with
“cogent” mobile phone emf harmonizer
Heart Guard Card
MRP Rs.1500/-
DP Rs.750/-
Heart Guard Card Benefits:
1- Cardiologist recommend, NEVER to keep 
cell phonein the chest pocket.
2- Most of the important functions of heart are 
governed by electrical signals.
3- There is strong possibility that heart may get
adversely affected by radiation emitted from mobile.
4- At the time of call reception, the radiation 
emitted by cell phones increase by thousand times.
5- The radiation shield cuts off 99% incoming 
harmful radiation.
Quantum pendant
MRP Rs.2450/-
DP Rs. 1000/-
New DP Rs.750/-
Quantum pendant, Benefits:
1- Reduces inflammation.
2- Promotes unclumping of cells.
3- Enhances blood circulation.
4- Enhances immune and endocrine systems.
5- Enhances the cellular nutrition and detoxification
6- Increases energy
7- Enhances cellular permeability
8- Helps to protect DNA from damage
Sauna Belt, Benefits:
1- Sauna Belt helps sweat away unwanted fat.
2- lose weight and ease muscle pain.
3- The sauna belt is perfect for those who
want to lose weight effectively with minimum effort.
4- It's safe and simple to use yet delivers
brilliant result.
5- Just wrap it round you waist for at least
15 minutescontinuously at a time and relax.
6- The perfect combination of heat melts fats 
and helps in inch loss.
Blood Circulation Machine
MRP Rs.30000/-
DP Rs.20000/-
Blood Circulation Machine, Benefits:
1- Blood Circulation Machine (BCM)
Quickly improve your Blood Circulation.
2- Prevent high/low blood pressure,
Removes Lactic acid & Uric acid
3- Relax tiredness, improve insomnia
4- Frees up tight joints and organs
5- Get rid of arthrosis rheumatism 
and nerves shrink
6- Ease pains in the shoulder, neck,
waist and improve the phenomenon of
cool hands & feet and anesthesia
7-Improve the chronic diseases diabetes,
lung bronchitis
Power Saver
MRP Rs.1990/-
DP Rs.1000/-
Power Saver, Benefits:
1- Power saving up to 20% to 30%.
2- Easy to use and maintenance free.
3- One unit is all you need for a whole house.
4- Long Life and value for money.
5- Just plug into any AC socket and switch on.
No re-wiring needed
6- Must for homes, shops,restaurants and offices.
Gas Safety Device
MRP Rs.5000/-
DP Rs.2500/-
Gas Safety Device, Benefits:
1- Major leak auto shut-off.
2- Minor leak test check facility.
3- Saves 30% of LPG gas.
4- Full & low gas level indicator.
3- Avoids fire accidents at kitchen.
4- Avoids wastage of LPG gas.
5- Low gas indicator enables the
consumer to order the refill in time.
6- Protects from unforeseen situation
and circumstance.
7- Covers insurance.
MST Quantum Pendant
MRP Rs.5000/-
DP Rs.2500/-
New DP Rs. 1500
MST Quantum Pendant, Features:
1- Slow down aging process.
2- Work as an antidepressant.
2- Improve immune function.
4- Increases oxygen supply to blood stream
calm the body, reduce stress level,
headaches and migraine.
3- Improve digestive discomfort, constipation.
4- Help ease conditioning gastrointestinal
tract and accelerate burning of fat.
Ultimately improved on your

MST Quantum Pendant, Benefits:
1- Is rich of trace elements that naturally
effective balance meridian system and
stabilize human's bio-field Increasing
the energy level of every single
cell in the body facilitating the entry
nutrients and elimination of wastes
from the cells.
2- Help your cells return to their
'rhythm of life' and regain their ability
to repair themselves.
3- Converting the water in the body to
become smaller molecules (micro-clusters)
which has better dissolving, 
cleansing and healing powers.
4- Increase trans-membrane potential.
5- Neutralizing the harmful effects
of external electro-magnetic radiation.
6- Reduce Inflammation.
Spiritual Spiritual
Shri laxmi kuber dhan varsha yantra
MRP Rs.3400/-
DP Rs. 1500/-
New DP Rs.1000/-


Shree Dhan Laxmi Kuber Dhanvarsha Yantra brings wealth to the worshiper. Placing Shree Dhan Laxmi Kuber Dhanvarsha Yantra at home or office bestows one with divine happiness,mental and spiritual satisfaction, success and a lifetime of luxuries. Once Mata Laxmi is pleased with a person,his luck draws wealth like a magnet.

Hanuman chalisha yantra
MRP Rs.4950/-
DP Rs.2300/-


This divine Yantra comprises complete Hanuman Chalisa, not just a single verse, making it a unique treasure for all devotees.The blessed Hanuman Chalisa Yantra is a one-of-a-kind gold-plated Yantra with Complete Hanuman Chalisa printed in a miniature form, which is visible to naked eyes. This Yantra is Made-in-European Union with a patented technique for such small-scale inscription and comes in form of a beautiful pendant. This cutting-edge European technology results in engraving of miniature text permanently on a crystal glass.

The back of Yantra is with Hanuman Raksha Kavach engraved to protect the one, who wears it, from all evil. There cannot be a better way of keeping Hanuman Chalisa around, which in fact is like living in the shadow of Lord’s blessings always. As it is said, no evil can touch the one who is blessed with Lord’s blessings.

Lord Hanuman, Bajrangbali or Anjaneya is the protector of troubled, savior of distressed, and giver of absolute wisdom. The kind Lord is known to benefit all who call him from their hearts. The epitome of selfless service and pinnacle of strength and devotion is the one who can solve all our woes and bless us with profound bliss. Give spirituality a chance to heal your life, come to the shadow of Lord’s blessings, feel the divine energy nourishing your thoughts, wear the Yantra today

Shiridi sai baba
MRP Rs.5000/-
DP Rs.2500/-

Yantra's Benefits

  • Sai Baba was a divine incarnation whose love for his disciples is very well known .
  • Lacs of people have been blessed by merely having faith and belief in Sai Baba.
  • This Yantra fulfills the worshipper all the wishes he/she asks for.
  • The blessings of Shri Sai Baba always stays with the worshipper.
  • When this yantra is established in home temple, the blessings of Sai Baba are showered on the residents of that house giving them health, wealth and all round prosperity.
  • Beej Mantra for this Yantra :-"Om Shri Sadguru Sai Nathaya Namah " 
Shree Shani Upasna Yantra
MRP Rs.3000/-
DP Rs.1000/-
Nazar dosh suraksha kavach
MRP Rs.1999/-
DP Rs.900/-
Garment Garment
Branded Suits length
MRP Rs.2099/-
DP Rs.1050/-
Premium Suits length
MRP Rs.2999/-
DP Rs.1500/-
Herbal Herbal
No Addiction
MRP Rs.2999/-
DP Rs.2100/-
No Addiction Benefits:
1- No Addiction is a revolutionary product
to help people quit any type of Addiction.
Whether it is of Alcohol, Smoking or Drugs etc.
2- No addiction Powder detoxifies the organs
and body as whole to regain health 
deteriorated due to substance abuse.
3- It helps addict regain the mental strength 
to resist the urge for further use.
4- 100 % Herbal with No Side Effects.
Zero Addiction
MRP Rs.2999/-
DP Rs.2100/-
Zero Addiction Benefits:
1-Zero addiction powder is an amazing and
powerful remedy for treating different
kinds of drug addiction.
2- Smoking, drinking and similar other products 
adversely affect various parts of our body.
3-According to national cancer institute, 
addiction to such harmful substances can lead
to the cancers of the mouth, esophagus, pharynx,
larynx, liver in men and of breast 
cancer in women.
Sandhi Sudha
MRP Rs.2999/-
DP Rs.2100/-
Sandhi Sudha Benefits:
1- Sandhi Sudha - 100% Herbal - No Side Effects
2- Sandhi Sudha formula is a revolutionary
product for Joint Pains / Arthritis.
3-It increases the blood circulation speeding
the recovery of the damaged joints and 
inflammatory tissues around the joint.
4- It gives strength to the joints which
got weak due to ageing and deficiency of calcium.
Also, It stimulates the synovial membranes for
better synovial fluid production providing natural
lubrication between the joints.
Slim Tea
MRP Rs.1999/-
DP Rs.1000/-
Slim Tea Benefits:
1- Increases the Metabolism
2- Boosts the Energy
3- Natural and Nourishing
4- Stay Fit & Lose Weight
5- Enhances Mind-Body Wellness
6- It Destroys The Stubborn Fat Groups,
Break Down Fat And Make It Burning
Dr Slim Tea
MRP Rs.1999/-
DP Rs.1000/-
Dr Slim Tea, Benefits:
1- Boost Mind-Body Wellness
2- Strengthen your resistant System
3- Enhance Your Metabolism
4- Burns extra calories
5- Improves posture
6- Even clarifies skin
7- Glow on your skin
8- Increases body density
9- Best Age Fighter
10- Ayurvedic Herbal Tea
Detox Foot Patch
MRP Rs.1699/-
DP Rs.900/-
Detox Foot Patch, Benefits:
1- Removes toxins.
2- Reduces pain.
3- Contributes to immune health.
4- Gives an energy boost.
5- Improves mental function.
6-Relieves stress.
7- Anti-anxiety properties.
Step Up
MRP Rs.2990/-
DP Rs.2100/-
Step Up, Benefits:
1- Step Up Height growth formula is a 
revolutionary product to increase height.
2- Increases your Height & Improves
Overall Personality.
3- Helps Re-gain your Lost Confidence.
4- It is amazing height increasing 
treatment that not just increases your
height but also boosts your strength.