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The   terms and condition as mentioned below constitute an agreement between  ‘’SPIEL E-VENTURES PRIVATE LIMITED ‘’ and its purchaser   is one who duly purchases the products of the company and completes all   the formalities laid down by the company. 

1.            This agreement does not create an employee employer relationship,   partnership or joint venture between the purchaser and the company.

  2.          Company does not promise any monetary gains to purchase. Earning to   any purchase will solely depend on his/her performance.

  3.          The purchase must be of the legal age of 18 years on date of   application.

  4.          The purchaser is entering into this agreement with his free will and   consent.

  5.          The company will deduct tax at source for any earning by the   purchaser as per the Income Tax Act of 1961 as well as other Govt.   Tax/Duties/Charges at the prevailing rate and processing service charge. 

6.            All the purchasers of the company will put his/her best efforts to   promote the products offered by the company in a truthful and honest   manner.

  7.          The purchaser should not use the trademarks, symbol, literature and   slogan of the company for any other purpose other than as specified by   the company.

 8.           The amount paid to the company for the purchase of products is   non-refundable and non-transferable. The company and the purchaser have   entered this agreement for purchase of product offered and further if no   referral sales is made by the purchaser he shall not in any way be   eligible for any of the incentives.

  9.          Courier/Octroi/Local taxes or any other Govt. levies should be   strictly borne by the purchaser.  10.        Products once delivered will not be taken back.

 11.         The incentives/ commission  will be paid by NEFT  only.

  12.        No purchaser is authorized to make any promise to any other   prospective purchaser, if the purchaser relies on any promise made by   any purchaser while trying to sell the products to him/her which is not   there in this agreement or the official material the company shall not   be in anyway be responsible for such promises.

 13.         Delivery of products to him/her which is not there in this agreement   or the official material the company shall not be in any way be   responsible for such promises.

14.          Products will be delivered within 30 days after the company receives   full payment for the product.

  15.        Company has sole right to change the products and prices without   prior notice.

 16.         Through care has been taken by the company while selecting the   products which the company markets NO claims whatsoever shall be   entertained by the company in case of any problem incurred by the user.   Such claims will be only directed to its respective manufacturer. In no   event shall the company be liable for any claims or damages of any kind   arising out of using the products. 

17.          In case of the death of registered purchaser the benefits of   earnings if any shall be transferred in the name of the nominee as   mentioned on the application form.

  18.        The company reserves the sole right to change, rectify and to amend   the incentives structure, cancel and introduce rules and regulations   products policies terms and conditions form time to time and the   purchaser shall be abide by the same.

 19.         Any purchaser found working against the interest of the company,   spoiling the name and reputation of the company, distributing and   diverting the purchasers of the company will be terminated without prior   notice and explanation and such purchaser shall not be eligible to   acclaim any incentives from the company.

20.          In case of death of registered purchaser the benefits of earning if any shall be transferred in the name of the nominee as mentioned on the application from.


21.  Any dispute arising between company and purchaser will be decided according to arbitration and conciliation act 1996 and subject to Bhubaneswar jurisdiction only.